Month of change

By Like a New Home Blog - novembro 10, 2013

October was a month with lots of action, new house, new job, new routines, visits and so much more... Here's a video to celebrate this past month...

/// Alice as Minnie Mouse on Halloween.
/// Alice putting together the animals.
/// Alice learned how to ride a tricycle!
/// The song was recorded at a restaurant we went this past weekend. They had a musician playing live and he made up a song for Alice, the only child in the restaurant at the time. He was very nice (and talented) and she (and us) loved it! Unfortunately, I don't know his name.

Hope November is even better! For everybody...

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  1. Adriana, she is so lovely!!! She is a cutie =) You are so lucky to have her. Congrats for the new blog, it is getting amazing each day. Keep posting, please! Hugs, Aline and Igor