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By Like a New Home Blog - dezembro 08, 2013

I'm sure it's the end of the year when I have thousand things to do, hundred things to tell here and almost no time to actually come here to write all about it. There's so many interesting things going on, time is the issue. Here, there's the excuse.
Meanwhile, I just had to share this amazing song with everybody. I don't know which type of music you guys listen to, but this song may just fit in everyone category of great songs. I have to mention that the whole album follow the same path of awesomeness. I love it! Great job again Pearl Jam! 
Now, what's the reasonable number of times a normal person can listen to the same song in one day?? rsrsrs

Pearl Jam - Sirens from Lightning Bolt album - 2013

Wish everybody a great week!!

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  1. Nossa Dri, não consigo parar de ouvir essa música do Pearl Jam, adorei, é muita linda!!!